ArtTalk Ventura 2019: Fox Jewelry Mary Gail and Gerald Zwers

#19 Fox Fine Jewelry hosts the fine art of 

Mary-Gail King and Gerald Zwers

 Debbie Fox on her own art at ArtWalk Ventura 2019

paint en plein air in the garden and paint switch off at Fox Fine Jewelry Sept.28th through out the day 
with entertainment by Rachel Sedacca and excerpt theatre in song by Rubicon actors

ArtWalk Ventura 2019 September 28th 11-7pm concert: 7-9:30

Ride the ArtWalk Ventura Shuttle Bus, FREE!   
Tour open studios, galleries & retail venues to meet the artists, experience rockin' music and broadway performances. 

September 28th the artists of Ventura are hosting ArtWalk Ventura. This FREE annual festival of the arts features open studios and art venues, music and more .  Meet the artists in their World of Art: 
                   ArtWalk Ventura  2019

Park and Ride on our FREE shuttle throughout this 1 day event, Saturday, September 28th from 11am to 7pm.  
Start your ride at the Museum of Ventura County and end with a grand finale concert at the Working Artists Ventura (WAV) in their Theatre/Gallery Court from 7-9:30pm.  
175 S.Ventura Ave@Thompson Blvd.

It's all about the art with a full day of fun with artists, musicians and performers.  Some will even be riding the FREE shuttle with you.  They come from around the world to perform locally here in Ventura, at the Rubicon Theatre, Ventura College and more but, on September 28th they will be entertaining YOU at ArtWalk Ventura 2019!

Visit our fabulous ArtWalk Ventura venues:     

Check out and the VCReporter centerfold map for a full FREE shuttle bus map, list of artists, venues, events, times and locations.

                                               Michelle Nosco


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